ReVIEW & Rate is fully available online!

Teacher kits are available for download here.

Each Teacher Kit contains:

  • Program and Additional Resource Guide
  • Student Ballots
  • Classroom Tally & Evaluation Form

Need a Copy of the Program?

We encourage you to access the full program online. However if you live in a remote, rural or northern community, and have internet connectivity issues, you can request a physical copy of the program by contacting greg.martin@gov.mb.ca.

Ads are valid for access from November 1, 2023 – February 29, 2024

Entering your class votes

Teachers can now enter student votes and their program evaluation directly: ReVIEW & Rate

We need to hear from you! Please enter your votes and evaluation to ensure this program continues and for a chance to win a $250 classroom prize!

Deadline to submit votes: February 29, 2024