Welcome to Review & Rate 2020-21

ReVIEW & Rate is an educational program aimed at Manitoba students in grades 5 through 12 that allows them to think about nicotine, tobacco use, and vaping from a number of perspectives with the goal being to help students stay nicotine-free or quit.

Students view five anti-tobacco and five anti-vaping TV ads and vote for the ad they find to be most effective. Votes are submitted to the department and the winning anti-tobacco and the anti-vaping ad, along with our classroom prize winners will be shared and posted online in the spring of 2022.

Be sure to enter your results for a chance to win a $250 classroom prize!

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What Do Teachers Say?

“This was awesome my class really enjoyed doing this and seeing all of the different ads!”

“Love this program and my students seem to enjoy it every year. I feel the ads are informative and effective in educating the students on the topics of the effects of smoking and vaping. It is easy to implement and follow and aligns with Manitoba Curriculum outcomes.”

“I love this program! It gives students an inside look at many different perspectives of tobacco use. I like that the ads are diverse and that include people from different backgrounds and ages and they can see that tobacco use can affect us all.”

A big thank you to all the students for sharing your perspectives and voting on the best anti-tobacco and anti-vaping ads.

And the 2020-2021 winners are…. What Could This Cigarette Do (Tobacco) and Nicotine=The Fallout (Vaping)

In total, 529 classrooms from across the province participated in the contest!

In case you missed it, you can check out the winning ads here: